A revolutionary new online energy management system

Helping businesses cut gas and electricity costs

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UK firms spend as much as 15% of their operating costs on energy. That's why it’s essential to understand your energy use and plan for the future.

EnergiPlan+ is a a revolutionary new online system for professional energy management. You can use it to build an inventory of your energy-consuming assets, analyse your energy use and cut your energy costs – now and into the future.

EnergiPlan+ lets you take control of your energy costs by telling you exactly where and when you’re using energy – or wasting it. It shows you indicative running costs for everything that consumes energy, right down to a single lamp. Using this insight, you can create a comprehensive plan for managing, maintaining and upgrading your equipment to make even more savings.

EnergiPlan+ is suitable for all types of businesses and organisations. It’s easily adaptable and scalable to your operations, no matter how many sites you operate or how much equipment you have.

The system is easy to set up, because everything is done for you. An on-site survey of your energy assets is carried out and your past energy data is uploaded. All you have to do is keep the system up to date. EnergiPlan+ is online, so it’s available on any device with internet access. There’s no software to install, upgrade or troubleshoot – ever.

EnergiPlan+ is the simplest, easiest solution for understanding and managing your energy use. No other system provides you with an automated, integrated energy plan combined with a complete facilities management system. You know exactly what you spend on payroll, fuel and premises – so why not energy? With EnergiPlan+, all the information you need to understand and manage your costs is just a click away. If you’re serious about running a more efficient business, cutting energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint, you need EnergiPlan+.

If you want, you can also follow the step-by-step structured plan within EnergiPlan+ to achieve ISO 50001 certification and comply with ESOS requirements. Extra support and information is available.

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Here’s what you can do with EnergiPlan+


EnergiPlan+ can qualify as a certified ISO50001 system, the international standard covering energy management. Optionally operate EnergiPlan+ without certification - the choice is yours.


ISO50001 certification means you automatically comply with the requirements of ESOS (the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme) much more quickly and easily than with manual records


Provide hard evidence to back up CSR targets or strategies – for example, by demonstrating reductions in CO2 per head or per square metre.

Cost Effectiveness

Our EnergiPlan+ system is also extremely cost effective


Compare and benchmark different branches or sites within your organisation, so learning and best practice can be shared

Track Improvements

Automatically track improvements in energy use and costs over time, by looking at your current usage compared to your historical baseline

Manage Upgrades

Manage upgrade paths – for example, by using the system to prompt a switch from traditional lamps to energy-saving LEDs. EnergiPlan+ includes recommended upgrades and Best Practice Information Sheets.

Set Targets

Set clear objectives and targets for energy and carbon reduction


Plan and forecast your future energy budgets based on accurate, granular data rather than just an aggregate figure

Cut Carbon

Cut carbon emissions by identifying areas where changes could be made

Cut Costs

Cut costs by continuously monitoring, managing and improving energy efficiency

Log Assets

Build and maintain a comprehensive portfolio of your energy assets and how much energy they consume, as well as all your energy meters

EnergiPlan+ is priced on a bespoke basis, so it’s affordable for every size of business. Everything is set up for you, including a ‘hand-holding’ package to help you get the most out of the system. After that, you pay a simple, low-cost monthly service charge and enjoy new savings year after year.

EnergiPlan+ is an incredibly easy-to-use online energy management system that lets businesses and organisations of all types and sizes take control of their energy use and achieve real cost savings, both now and long into the future.