targetWhen it comes to finding the best energy deal for your business, no one works harder than us.

Many energy brokers work with a small group of three or four suppliers and offer no analysis to go with their quote. Some work for just one provider.

As an independent business energy consultants we currently work with over 20 energy suppliers throughout the UK. This gives us access to one of the best ranges of tariffs for you and your business, as well as ensuring you don't pay too much for your energy.

And because we’re completely independent, you can rest assured that the options we put forward have been fully researched from every energy supplier able to quote. We’ve saved many clients over 50% of their energy costs, delivering cash savings that significantly improved their bottom line year after year.

We provide a comprehensive tender report showing all your energy requirements, across multiple sites if need be, and each supplier’s prices (based on our own calculations, not the suppliers’.)

Our customer service is important to us and we’ll support you every step of the way, from analysing your energy needs to managing the transfer of your account. When you’re ready to switch, we’ll issue a notice of termination to your old supplier, oversee the transfer and make sure no billing discrepancies creep in. We also stay involved after your account transfer, to help you identify even more savings going forward. 

To take the first step towards a better deal contact us