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A few years ago, Scotland became the first country in the world to open its water industry to competition for non-domestic customers. Water deregulation in England from April of this year, means around 1.4 million English customers will have the same opportunities as 130k in Scotland, to be able to compare water prices and seek better services.

Water bills are and always have been, notoriously difficult to analyse.  Only specialists in the field can apply their expertise to stitch the historical water data together for customer sites, creating readable water reports that we can all understand and digest and hopefully from which, water saving actions can then be taken.

Cost Centre Services recently managed a project where 6 golf clubs agreed to undertake water analysis for their sites. The results opened our eyes to the clear need for customers to first address corrections in water charging tariffs, recoveries for incorrectly incurred charges and address often very significant water wastage issues before even considering switching to another water supplier.

The results from these six clubs reveal the following:

  • 4 out of 6 had incorrect charging tariffs with total annual costs of -  £890.00
  • 5 out of 6 increased their daily water consumption by 12,310 litres per day, costing -  £11,547.00
  • Combined potential savings equated to £2,072.00 per annum per club.

There are certainly some savings to be made by wanting to switch water supplier from April. However, making sense of the various water charging elements is going to be crucial in making the correct choice, in addition to water conservation which offers potentially a far greater value to businesses in reducing and most importantly being able to manage water costs accurately.