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It’s not just golf clubs that are benefiting from working with Cost Centre Services. The education sector is getting in on the act now too, we’ve helped a school and a university out recently -

Rookery Primary School becomes the first in the world to trial new optical water smart metering technology. H20 Operations Director Richard Scott says, “This offers the potential for a massive step forward for customers because we finally have the technology to provide an affordable solution for customers wanting to know if they have water wastage over-night, or increases in water use.”

Rookery Primary School identifies 2/3rds of water can be saved by improvements in water efficiency. Joe McCormick Rookery Business Manager explains, we had no idea how much water was being consumed because it’s often so difficult to identify. Having smart metering will give us early warning to faults and issues which can be addressed quickly.

Water Analysis for Aston University shows mysterious £2,000 increase in water use in the past 4 months? Costs Centre Services Managing Director Simon Binks explains, “whilst the water consumption has now reduced back to normal, that fact is that the customer recognises that they haven’t budgeted for this unexpected increase. The water meter is difficult to access so it’s a better solution to provide some new, affordable smart metering technology. “

Aston University selects Costs Centre Services for a new sub-metering and permanent display service for kitchen catering water monitoring. Aston University becomes the first university in the UK to begin monitoring water use through hot & cold water facilities in kitchen production. New smart metering technology allows an affordable solution for the client to address water consumption issues and identify improvements in water efficiency for their sites.

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