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How to Save Energy at Work


  • Ensure that employees/colleagues are only using lights when absolutely necessary. For example, only use lighting early in the mornings and late in the evenings.


  • Use time switches and daylight sensors which help reduce energy usage and save money by switch off automatically at certain times.


  • Use energy efficient lightbulbs. For instance, LED light bulbs and compact fluorescent products use around 80% less energy than standards light bulbs.


  • Your IT equipment still uses energy even in standby mode. Make sure staff switch off all equipment before leaving or if it’s not being used.


  • Close window blinds/curtains in the early evening or late afternoon to prevent night time heat loss.


  • Fit automatic closures on external doors like fire doors to ensure none are left open resulting in heat unnecessary heat loss.


  • Use energy saving features on items like monitors and printers to use less energy and save more money in the workplace.