Energy News

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1. Across the globe, an estimated 15 trillion watts of power is being used at any one time. Although the growing population will increase this, it is hoped that more energy efficient technology will help to prevent this. 

2. Did you know? Fridges in America use the same amount of energy as 25 power plants do each year. 

3. The amount of energy the U.S. uses doubles every 20 years. 

4. In lightbulds, 90% of the energy creates heat whilst only 10% of it is actually to create light. 

5. By 2030, the energy consumption made by the world is expected to increase by a staggering 55%. 

6. In buildings, it is estimated that 30% of energy used goes to waste or is used inefficiently. 

7. If a person screamed for approximately eight and a half years, they would create enough energy to heat a cup of tea.

8. Only 33.3% of energy produced by burning coal actually reaches the consumer as electricity.