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  • How do you get paid? How can you analyse my energy use for free? +

    Cost Centre Services (CCS) earns fees from refunds and savings obtained for our clients – no refund, no fee. We also receive commission payments from the winning supplier when we carry out energy tenders. Our commission payment is included in the price you pay your supplier. This is received regardless of the supplier you choose and does not affect our independence or opinion.

  • I’ve used energy brokers before. How are you different? +

    We’re all too aware of the poor reputation that some energy brokers have given our industry. We are different in four important ways.

      We currently work with 24 different energy suppliers, not the three or four typically used by some energy brokers. (Some brokers work indirectly for just one single supplier.)

      We take the time to understand your energy use and validate your account before we research energy quotes on your behalf.

      We look at every aspect of your energy, not just the total amount you are paying.

      We want to work with you long-term, which is why we work so hard at analysing your energy accounts. We do not aim for volume clients, preferring to give a quality service to a select group of clients.

    Our diligent, ethical approach was recognised by Independent Energy Consultant of the Year 2010, in which we were a Finalist. You can also read testimonials from our many satisfied customers.

  • I’m not sure I’ve got time to spend on this. Is it really worth it? +

    We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to make our process as simple as streamlined as possible.

    Once you’ve provided us with your energy bills, meter readings and a signed Letter of Authority, we do literally everything else, including dealing with your suppliers.

    Every client is different, but we often achieve savings of over 20%, sometimes as much as 50% – savings that boost your bottom line year after year. That’s a pretty good return for a few minutes of your time.

    There’s no upfront charge for our initial analysis, so there is absolutely no financial risk. But if we don't look, we can’t find.

  • Can’t I just do this myself? +

    You can, but it will take you a long time!

    We have a specially developed software platform that helps us analyse your energy use (across multiple sites if necessary) and manage the tendering process with multiple providers. It does the hard work, leaving us free to find the best deal for you.  In addition, we are hugely experienced in analysing energy accounts and negotiating with suppliers.
    As in many other areas, it pays to engage an expert. Doing it yourself means you won't have access to our expertise, or possible refunds or cost reductions going forward.

  • I’ve got different suppliers for energy. Does that matter? +

    No, not at all. In fact, that can sometimes be the reason your costs are higher than they should be. We’ll analyse everything and find the best option for your business.

  • My energy provider says I’m already on the best tariff. +

    What do they mean by ‘best’? It might be the best they can offer, but it’s not necessarily the best on the market for your individual needs.
    We’ll review your current contract and, when the time comes, find you the best supplier and tariff, across the whole of the market.

  • My energy supplier/energy broker wants me to agree a verbal contract over the phone. What should I do? +

    We strongly advise you not to agree. In our experience, this is an attempt to ‘bounce’ you into a contract that probably isn’t in your best interests.

    We put all our findings and proposals in writing, explain them fully, and don’t do anything without a signature from you. That’s how most business is usually done, and we don’t see why energy supply should be any different. 

  • My supplier is demanding a big payment to cover backdated usage. Can you help? +

    Yes, we can. We are very experienced at dealing with this situation.

    Suppliers do make mistakes, so our first step will be to confirm that the claim is valid. If it is, we can help you negotiate terms for settlement.  We charge an agreed percentage of charges we save you from paying, and we guarantee that you will never end up paying more than the original demand as a result of engaging us.  The earlier we’re involved, the more likely it is that we can help. So contact us right away, particularly if you’ve received a court summons. 

  • I’ve just renewed my contract, and I’m worried that I didn’t get a good contract. Is it still worth contacting you? +

    In our experience, energy suppliers try to renew contracts at prices that are typically around 20–30% higher than the market rate. Also, there is no ‘cooling off’ period with renewals, whether agreed verbally or in writing. That’s why it’s so important to contact us before you renew.  However, we may be able to help if your account was renewed automatically, without your permission. Contact us for details.


  • I’ve seen some ‘special rates’ advertised by comparison sites or energy brokers. Why can’t I take advantage of them? +

    In our experience, these rates should be treated with caution. Suppliers sometimes offer special rates as a promotional tool, but this is rare. Most of the time, your rate is agreed in a contract between you and the supplier, not bought ‘off the shelf’.

    The calculations used by comparison sites can vary enormously – just enter the same base data into multiple sites to see what we mean. And because the price you see is often based on assumptions, there’s no guarantee of accuracy. And assumptions can hugely distort the overall price quoted.

    In our view, short cuts just don’t work. There simply is no substitute for careful analysis of your needs and a thorough tendering process. Accuracy is the key word.

  • Do you work with oil and LPG? +

    No, we don’t offer this service at the moment.

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