A new, incredibly simple way to take control of your energy use, save money and reduce your carbon footprint


The unsolved mystery of energy costs​​​

  • You know what you spend on office supplies, right down to the last paper clip.
  • You know what you spend on your phones, right down to the last call.
  • And you know what you spend on your premises, right down to the last square metre.
  • But what about your energy?

What is

  • EnergiPlan+ puts professional energy management within the reach of every business.
  • It’s ideal for education, hospitality, leisure and office organisations, but suitable for any business, large or small
  • EnergiPlan+ is a revolutionary online system that lets you create a comprehensive energy plan.
  • It’s incredibly easy to use, but delivers significant insight about potential energy savings 

what do energy costs mean to business?

  • UK firms spend as much as 15% of their operating costs on energy.
  • But for most of them, that cost is just one big number at the bottom of a bill.
  • They know how much they’re spending overall. But they have no idea how, when or where they’re spending it. 
  • That means that when they start looking for energy savings, they’re pretty much in the dark.
  • However, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

so how can energiplan+ help me?

  • Find out exactly what you spend on energy throughout your business
  • Take full control of your energy use
  • Make real cost savings, both now and long into the future
  • Evidence how you have reduced your carbon footprint
  • If required, achieve ISO 50001 certification with minimum effort and paperwork, and automatically comply with ESOS regulations
  • But you don’t have to undergo accreditation - saving audit fees
  • Manage your inventory of energy assets, right down to the last light bulb
  • And much more…

what can I Do With energiplan+ ?

  • Create and manage a formal energy plan for your business
  • Bring together all your information and activities on reducing energy use and cutting costs in one integrated resource
  • Follow a formal energy policy created for your business or organisation
  • Set targets for reducing costs and energy use, and communicate them to your team
  • Set up roles and responsibilities for who will do what in terms of cost checks, supplier management, upgrades and more
  • Monitor progress against targets or external benchmarks

what can I Do With energiplan+ ?

  • Build an inventory of all your energy assets, with details of how much energy each one uses and when (right down to individual light bulbs!)
  • Set up and implement plans and schedules on the built-in calendar, including contract renewals, equipment upgrades and more
  • Forecast energy budgets so you know all your spending in advance
  • Understand all your metering arrangements, including day and night-time consumption
  • Use preformatted letters and emails for all your communications


what other benefits are there?

  • Includes a catalogue of frequently used equipment and lighting items, with kWh consumption data pre-entered
  • Instantly create your own kWh consumption baseline by using the catalogue to create ‘My Inventory’, then specifying working hours for each item
  • Within ‘My Inventory’, view upgrade options and costs alongside the resultant energy savings
  • Use a wealth of valuable information in the integrated Best Practice Library
  • Manage works orders, servicing and PAT testing cycles
  • In short – everything you need to do with your energy assets in one simple-to-use repository!

How does it work?

  • We set up your EnergiPlan+ with data about your premises, energy assets and contracts
  • We carry out an initial survey to log every asset that uses energy and when it is operational (optional service at cost, but recommended)
  • You can then see the key areas to concentrate on, set targets, assign responsibilities for future actions and follow a detailed plan
  • Finally, you use EnergiPlan+ to put your energy plan into practice – monitoring progress, chasing up actions and confirming savings made
  • Through the process, you’ll be amazed at how easy to use EnergiPlan+ is – and how effective. 

Why Should I use EnergiPlan+ ?

  • It’s by far the most cost-effective way to create and manage an energy plan, so you can take full control of your energy use and spending
  • Everything you need is brought together in one place – asset management, automatically updated energy contract and tariff details, benchmarking, best practice information sheets, data monitoring, measuring, analysis  and more
  • Automatically generated graphs and charts help understanding
  • It lets you make effective continuous improvements in managing energy consumption, highlighting exactly where and what you need to change
  • It will help you achieve worthwhile cost savings, paying for itself many times over 

Why Should I use EnergiPlan+ ?

  • It’s incredibly easy to use, with a logical structure, self-explanatory navigation and everything pre-populated and set up from day one
  • Everything is automated, from cost calculations through to action reminders – free up your management time
  • No new software to install – EnergiPlan+ is an online solution that works with most modern web browsers
  • Fully mobile- and tablet-friendly, so you can access the system anytime, anywhere (very handy when adding inventory information from around your premises)
  • You get ongoing support from the Cost Centre Services team – we’re always there when you need us


How Does The proposal Work?

  • Plan costs are based on  your energy consumption and number of meters
  • We charge a flat setup fee and a monthly support fee – please ask for details

Take the first step now

For a free, no-obligation chat about EnergiPlan+ and how it can help you, please contact:

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